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The RF wave penetrates into the dermis through the epidermis, heating the dermal collagen fibers to 40°-65°, which causes the collagen fibers to shrink and tighten, and stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers, which gradually restores skin elasticity.

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Our company's latest product, the magic eye beauty instrument, is specially designed for the eye’s skin. It adopts the world's first cutting-edge RF beauty technology,through deep heat of ceramic insulator head to make the heat of RF wave more uniform and concentrated. 360 degrees without dead angle to care for every skin, ensure that the RF energy is more accurate and faster to reach the deep layer of skin,and the special insulator ceramic head is delicate for skin without any tingling.

The heat of RF wave heat has a soothing effect and is beneficial to the human body. It can penetrate into human tissues and repair human cells;RF cosmetology is a non-invasive, painless, and safe anti-aging cosmetic technology.

Instrument Mechanism of Action RF Principle of Action

The RF wave penetrates into the dermis through the epidermis, heating the dermal collagen fibers to 40°-65°, which causes the collagen fibers to shrink and tighten, and stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers, which gradually restores skin elasticity; RF energy can heat the skin tissue around the eyes from inside to outside, which can promote blood circulation around the eyes, activate cells to effectively sink excretin precipitation, thus relieving eye fatigue, eliminating eye edema, diluting dark circles, improving eye bags, enhancing the elasticity of collagen fibers of orbicularis oculi muscle, and lifting wrinkles in the eyes.

Imported Principle

RF has a strong deep imported function ,with essence or skin care products, to ensure that the essence of the introduction rate is more than 95%, so that the absorption rate of skin care products is increased by more than 10 times; Doing RF deep imported nursing, under the effect of both, stimulate the skin’s regeneration of deep collagen and reconstruction of soft tissue, and then the skin can be regenerated to achieve skin beauty with anti-aging effect.


1. Precise temperature control, painless and non-invasive.

2. No recovery period and no impact on normal life.

3. Immediate results with long-lasting effect.

4. Long-term effects: Reconstruction and regeneration of collagen, such as: wrinkles reduced shallow, skin become more smooth, elastic, and younger.

5. Ceramic insulator RF technology, fast heating rate, adequate skin protection during treatment, no damage by energy, relatively safe and comfortable treatment.

Instrument Indication


Noted: Only the handle firstly press the pause key can be adjusted the energy.

Interface Introduction


After Installing and connecting the working handle and negative plate, the instrument will be powered on, and then turning on the power switch, the machine will be started up and the boot interface will be appeared as following pictures.


Pressing the enter button to enter the working interface as below


Operational Procedures

■ Pre-operational process:

1.Removing makeup for the eyes of the guests, , observe, analyze and point out the skin problems of the eyes.

★Eyes: The number of eye lines, length, depth, whether there are dark circles (red, brown, cyan), whether there are eye bags (the severity of the eye bags).

★Comparing with before and after the selfie operation to realize the previous eye problems.

2.Communicating with the customer in advance about the possible feelings during the operation of the instrument.

★It’s suggested to make one eye for the guest first, which can compare the effect.

★Effective temperature guidance, inform 5-8 grades for the best energy of treatment,and slowly adjusting the energy from low to high according to the heat of each person.

★Inform of possible normal reactions in care:The skin around the eyes has a hot, reddish color, which is a normal phenomenon, and the temperature is a little warm ,which make you feel comfortable. After the end of the operation, the skin will retain a constant heat for a period of time, stimulating the organism to enhance metabolism. After the end of the nursing, the skin around the eyes has a hot feeling, and after a little red, it gradually subsides after half an hour.

■ (Energy) temperature adjustment in operation:

1. Timely asking customers about their nursing feelings;

2. The energy should be adjusted from low to high.
(it’s recommended to increase one level each time). Under the condition of not being hot, the energy should be adjusted to the most comfortable energy of the customer's skin (subject to the actual tolerance of the customer);

3.Starting the operation from the third gear and asking the experier about his/her feelings within 2 minutes after the operation starts. Make sure that he/she feels warm and comfortable, and add energy at one gear each time;

4. After 2 minutes of operation, it can be slowly added to the 5th energy. After 5 minutes, under the warm and comfortable feeling of the guests, you can add energy to the first gear;

5. The best energy of treatment is 5-8 files, therefore, for guests with mature skin, in the warm and comfortable situation, as much as possible to the best energy of 8 files, and asking the guests more feelings in the process of up-regulation, If there is excessive warmth of discomfort, stop adding energy;

■ Operational Steps:

1.After the customer c remove the metal ornaments,contact lenses and cosmetic lenses, wipe the back vertebrae with clean water to ensure cleanliness of skin,then attach the negative plate to the customer's vertebrae, and let the negative plate completely close to the skin.
(The negative plate is close to the skin. If the negative plate is not completely close to the skin, the negative plate is prone to heat)

2. After cleansing the skin, apply eye serum or eye cream evenly around the eyes,and then let the customer close their eyes and relax their eyes.
3.Operational reference value: energy 5 - 8 files.

4.During operation, the probe is close to the eye skin and can be swung in a uniform manner; it can be alternately operated by repeated sliding or circular lifting; the effect is even better with the hand gently lifting the lifting.

5. Operational method in eye: operation time 8-10 minutes / one eye; 15-20 minutes / eye.


6. Don’t  stay in one location for too long in operation;

7. During the operation of the instrument, the product is easily absorbed by the skin. Please pay attention to supplement and keep the probe running smoothly;

8. Eye mask can be applied after operation with more best effect;

9. Turning off the instrument and wiping probe of the working handle after use;

■ Post-operation process:

1. Guiding effect:After the completion, gazing at the customer,  naturally describe and shape the effect.

2. Comparison of effects:Giving the guests a mirror, recall with observations, and comparing the previous changes in eye problems.

3. Emphasis on persistence with best effect.

■ Course of setting: 10 times for a course of treatment, 2-3 days for a once.

As time goes by, sticking to use it, after the end of the course, you can operate it once every five days or once a week.

■ Postoperative precautions

1. Drinking more water and eating more vegetables and fruits;

2. Strengthening hydration, paying attention to sleep and sun protection to prevent skin aging;

3. Effective skin care products and similar exfoliation treatments are prohibited during the use of the instrument.

The Difference Between RF and Traditional RF

RF (Ceramic insulator head)

Traditional  RF

Heat in deep

Heat on surface(Epidermis at risk of scalding)

No tingling

A little tingling with inductance

More accurate energy, faster access to deep skin

Energy is not easy to control and the depth of RF action can not be precisely controlled.

Safety Precautions

★Don’t wear contact lenses and cosmetic lenses in using;

All metal ornaments worn by guests should be removed;

Mobile phones and watches should be placed outside the treatment area;

★Paying attention to the conformity of the probe, and it is forbidden to appear hollow or floating on the surface, otherwise it will affect the effect;

★Don’t stay in one position for too long during operation;

The instrument and the working handle are forbidden from being impacted by external force to avoid damage. When using the handle, be careful not to fall off the ground;

The ceramic probe is guarded against falling on the ground, and the ceramic insulator is easily broken when the probe falls to the ground,If the ceramic insulator has broken, it will feel a slight thorn;

The Following Groups Are Forbidden to Use

Those patients with wound healing at the operation site can not be treated ;

Those Patients with ocular infections can not be treated;

Those patients with  pregnant, fever, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, cancer, bleeding disorders can not be treated;

Those patients who are implanted with electronic devices cannot be treated such as pacemakers;

Those patients can not be treated by injecting hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin within half a year;

Those patients cannot be treated if the scope of treatment has been filled with silicone, implanted with gold wire ;

If the scope of treatment with opening wounds, inflammation, purulent acne, skin diseases  and more serious acne can not be treated. (such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, etc.);

If the scope of treatment is in the allergic period, it should wait one week after the end of the allergic period .

Daily Maintenance

Turning off the system and removing the power plug before maintenance;

Maintenance of the system and parts shall be handled by professional technicians;

When the instrument is not in use, it should be in a closed state and the power plug should be removed;

The probe of the working handle should be wiped clean before use and disinfected with 75 medical alcohol;

The instrument should be kept in a normal temperature and dry environment;

Before-after Photographs


It’s recommended to insist on maintaining the treatment, because the human body is constantly aging, continuous treatment will maintain a better anti-aging effect.

Using it every two or three days for a once, each time for 20 minutes, and continuously using for 1-2 months, the skin of eye will be unexpectedly degenerated and reborn.

Technical Parameter

Product Name: The Magic Eye Beauty Instrument

Output frequency: 10M

Output Power: 10W-100W

Input voltage: AC110V - 220V

Fuse: 5A

Packing size: 30×38×19cm

Weight: 4.78kg

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