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HDHFM007- 3D 2in1 HIFU+Vmax

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Our company’s latest black technology products 3D anti-aging can achieve the perfect effect of firming, removing wrinkle, shaping and anti-aging. We use the most advanced ultrasonic energy, deep penetration, which can directly reach the skin SMAS layer.

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2 in 1 Radar carving & 3D HIFU Manual


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Welcome to choose our latest black technology 2 in 1 Radar carving & 3D HIFU. This is a fixed point and 360moving no dead angle technology, which is more authoritative and tech-A anti-aging system machine since Hot Maggie and normal ultrasonic. The technology has no bleeding, no open surgery, no scars, no trauma, replaced the effects of traditional facial anti-aging wrinkle surgery, Including face-lifting, removing double chin, lifting firmness, wrinkle removal, tightening the skin, etc, which completely solve the problem of aging and sag in the face and body parts, restore your visual youth from contour reconstruction! After treatment, you can makeup normally and it does not affect daily life at all.3D HIFU has 1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm face cartridges and 6.0mm,8.0mm,10mm,13mm,16mm full body cartridges. Radar carving is using a good tissue penetration mechanical radar waves. Accurate 65 degrees~72 degrees of thermal energy is delivered to the skin's SMAS layer,1.5 epidermal layer,3.0 dermis layer, 4.5 fascia layer,4.5 collagen layer(another),13 fat layer,8.0 shaping, then heat setting, shrinking skin, regenerating collagen. In addition, the radar can be used to treat obesity and the chest by melting the fat layer(depth 8mm~13mm). The cartridges can be selected according to the face and body parts. Each cartridge can adjust the energy according to each customer's tolerance capacity. If necessary, it can also adjust the background energy, so that the user can feel better without tingling and achieve better therapeutic effect. The corresponding cartridge energy reaches the dermis layer to make the fiber tissue. The dense mesh arrangement makes the skin smooth and delicate, and the subcutaneous tissue directly reaches the skin to accelerate the cell activity, so that the collagen is newly born, and the fascia layer isused to thermally coagulate the fascia layer, which produces the effect of tightening and lifting the fascia layer so that firming the skin. The skin's improvement from deep to shallow supports the subcutaneous structure of the skin, which helps the underlying skin to restore elasticity and lift facial skin. Before using the instrument, please read this manual carefully and follow the instructions in the manual to operate the instrument.

Special statement:

1. The contents of this manual or the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.
2. The company reserves the right to make changes to the specifications and materials contained therein without prior notice, and our company is not responsible for materials damages(including consequential damages) caused by trusting, including not limited to printing Wrong.

Instrument overview

Our company's latest black technology products 3D anti-aging can achieve the perfect effect of firming, removing wrinkle, shaping and anti-aging. We use the most advanced ultrasonic energy, deep penetration, which can directly reach the skin SMAS layer. The corresponding cartridge energy reaches the dermis layer so that the fibrous tissue densely arranged to make the skin smooth and delicate, accelerate subcutaneous tissue cell activity, stimulate new dermal collagen, and thermally coagulate the fascia layer, which produces the effect of tightening and lifting so that firming the skin. The skin's improvement from deep to shallow supports the subcutaneous structure of the skin, which helps the underlying skin to restore elasticity and lift facial skin. This is the safest and most effective way for the beauty industry to treat facial, body aging, sagging and relaxation problems. It can lift face, firm body, anti-aging all at once instead of multiple treatments, and there is no wounds, no recovery period, no bleeding. The anti-aging 3D antiaging has been recognized by the authoritative organizations in the beauty industry. It is known as the miracle of eternal youth!

Instrument principle

1. Ultrasound focusing uses its unique high-energy focused ultrasound to reach the SMAS layer, enhances the SMAS fascia suspension, and comprehensively solves the problem of face and body sagging. It precisely focused the ultrasonic energy at different depths of the fascia layer and collagen layer, which make fascia layer muscle growth, achieving the best effect of shaping, lifting and firming; and make collagen recombined and regenerated, achieving skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle removal, and fine pores. At the same time, because the energy is swept across the epidermis, there is no need to worry about the injury of the epidermis. The skin can be quickly lifted, tightened, and wrinkles can be smoothed quickly!

2. radar carving is the use of mechanical radar wave good tissue penetration, accurate transfer of 65~72 degrees of thermal energy to the skin SMAS layer,1.5 epidermal layer,3.0 dermis,4.5 fascia,4.5collagen layer(Another),13 fat layer,8.0 shape, produces heat coagulation, shrinks skin, regenerates collagen. In addition, radar can be carved through the fat layer(depth 8mm-13mm) for body treatment of obesity and chest.A variety of treatment heads effectively stimulate fibroblasts to split new cells at 40times per second, dissolve facial fat cells, tighten skin contours, repair damaged fibrous tissue, stimulatecollagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieve the effect of face-lifting and firming Q-shot. At the same time, the precise positioning of the radar wave can actively identify the fat cells, and reach the depth of the target through the unique probe friction treatment, so that the patient does not feel pain.

3. The difference between radar carving and line carving. The difference between the line carving and the carving is that the carving speed is fast and the energy uniform effect is good. Why do we set the life of 60,000 shots per cartridge? Because each ultrasonic focusing energy meter will have a life of about 60000 shots, if the energy exceeds 60000, the cartridge energy will weaken and affect the function and stability of the machine.

The instrument technology advantages

1. There are two modes for 3D. You can switch between fast mode or slow mode.

2.3D can shot 1 to 12 lines, and the maximum energy area width is 11mm. The corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size of the skin area, which can greatly shorten the operation time. Also the energy point of the skin is more uniform, and the curative effect is better.

3.3D using the most advanced high-tech technology, it equipped with two treatment cartridges according to the facial skin condition, ensure the precise effect of different skin depth. When the energy of treatment over the epidermis,100% without any damage. At the same time, the depth of the skin treated bycartridge is consistent with the set value, ensuring the customer's painless and comfortable.

4. there are thermal effect of dermal collagen and collagen fibers and thermal stimulation on the fat layer and fascia layer(SMAS), so the treatment effect is far more better than the hot Maggie.

5. the operation is simple and convenient. No need for consumables, which greatly saves on treatment costs.

6. The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen immediately after treatment.A treatment can be maintained for at least 18--24 months, and the skin age is negatively increased every year.

7. You can makeup immediately after treatment, without affecting normal life and work.

8. The mechanical radar wave can reach to the accurate depth of skin. energy gathered in the depths of the tissue, no effect on the surface of the skin, which can do deep effect, and better protection of the surface skin.

9. The radar carving uses the cymbal ringing method, which can concentrate the treatment part energy and evenly transfer it into each part. It obtain a better effect, also pain less compared with the previous HIFU instrument.

10. Radar carving is operated by shortening the energy emission interval, because the treatment interval is short, it can be operated frequently, and the effect can be obtained in a shorter time.

11. Radar engraving use new cartridges and make the operation more precise compared with the original HIFU instrument.

Instrument part


Instrument treatment cartridges function Introduction


The instrument comes standard with 5 cartridges: Carved cartridges:1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm;3D cartridges:3.0mm,4.5mm.

Remarks:3D has 6.0mm,8.0mm,10.0mm,13.0mm,16.0mm body cartridges; the radar is engraved with body cartridges of 4.5mm,8.0mm and 13.0mm in the chest; You can choose the corresponding cartridges to treat the body part according to your clients needs.


A: Why do we have to do the radar carving together with the 12 rows of HIFU?
Q: Because 12 rows of HIFU can't be operated in many parts of the face, it can be said that there is no dead corner with the radar carving and operation. The pain is reduced and the effect is more obvious.

A: Is there any pain when doing radar engraving treatment?
Q: Because the radar wave energy is transmitted to the depth of the target, the customer will feel pain if the operation speed is slow for a long time, and the feeling of pain varies from person to person. However, the unique cartridge friction treatment of radar engraving does not have any pain.

A: Does the customer need a break?
Q: There is no rest time. Customers can resume normal activities immediately.

A: How many rounds does it take if I use Radar?
Q: This is the area that needs to be processed. The entire face treatment requires approximately 2000 for each depth cartridge. Around the hair, according to the size of the client's treatment site to determine the shots number. Body about 3000 per cartridge, the chest is about 2000 shots.

A: When can customers see the results? How long does it last?
Q: Most customers can see the results immediately after the end of treatment. However, it mainly depends on the skin elasticity of the individual and the process of collagen rebuilding. Generally speaking, it will last for 1-3 years.

A: How often do you do it? What is the reaction?
Q: In order to maintain a long-term treatment effect, it is recommended to operate once every 2-3 months.
It is possible to see a little red skin after treatment and will disappear within a few hours.

A: What is a radar mechanical wave?
Q: The radar mechanical wave is an oscillating sound pressure wave whose frequency is greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. Therefore, ultrasound is about 4-7 kHz(4-70,00 Hz) in healthy young adults. UlItrasound is operated at frequencies from 4-7 kHz to several gigahertz.

Operation introduction

1. Before using the instrument, use the cleaning agent to disinfect and wipe the cartridge used.
2. Install the handle into the transfer bracket. And connect the cable to the host
3. Power on the host and press the power switch to start the instrument.
4. Select the appropriate cartridge and connect to the handle, then the instrument starts
5. Select "ROTATING"
6. If the automatic mode is required, select the "AUTO"function.
7. Apply the ultrasonic conductor to the cartridge energy emitter(black area)
8. Put a protective cover on the cartridge and apply a layer of lubrication and functional products to the outer surface of the protective cover.
9. Click the "START"button to enter the working state.
10. Insert the cartridge into the end of the vagina. The "0"degree scale is at the top. If you select the automatic mode, you only need to press the button on the handle once to complete a circle and reset automatically.
11. Press the button on the handle to make a line
12. Repeat the previous step until the step is completed and the handle is automatically reset.
13. After completing the required steps, turn off the power, remove the protective cover, and clean the cartridge and handle with detergent.


The following symptoms should be used with caution. Please consult a doctor or professional before using. The details are as follows:

1. When using the instrument, the cartridge should not be close to the eyes, can not pass the eyeballs, pregnant women and people with severe heart disease.
2. Patients who are ill should ] also use this machine with caution unless approved by a doctor.
3. Patients with malignant tumors and hemophilia or severe bleeding can't be treated by this machine.
4. Patients with major diseases, skin diseases and infectious diseases should use the machine with caution.
5. The heart, brain, neck nerve center, spine, eyeball, bleeding, injection patient can't be treated by this machine.
6. Hyperthyroidism patients, asthma patients, and hypertensive patients can't be treated by this machine.
7.2 in 1 antiaging HIFU treatment can be performed after 20-30 days of injection of hyaluronic acid.
8. Do not eat spicy food after 3D antiaging treatment. Do not wash your face with overheated water or cold water in one week. Do not use high temperature yoga, sauna, steaming face and facial massage(to avoid facial compression). Apply mask every day for hydration within one week. Pay attention to sun protection. Do not use radio frequency or light machines for treatment within one month.

Common faults

1. There is no display on the machine interface. Please check if the power plug is connected well or not, and the power switch is turned on or not.

2. The machine is normal but there is no energy output or power-on alarm. Please check whether the handle cable is firmly connected to the host or the cartridge is installed.

3. When the cartridge is not flat with the face, the instrument will automatically turn off, just restart it to start treatment.

Care and maintenance

1. Wipe the machine off with alcohol and keep it safely after using.
2. Make sure a plug with a grounding pin used before use and the power socket of the machine must be grounded.
3. The machine voltage is well-matched. If the local power supply voltage is unstable, we recommend that the user increase the power matching power supply.
4. Please use the designated accessories provided or recommended by the original manufacturer in order to make sure the machine's treatment effect and normal service life.
5. Don't place the machine in the wet or near the water source, do not expose the machine directly to the sun.
6. Don't let the machine close to a strong heat source, as this may affect the life of the machine and normal use.
7. Please remove all metal objects from your body first to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the efficacy.
8. Please pay attention to the skin touched should have a certain degree of wetness in order to avoid poor contact. You can wipe with water products or water to achieve the desired effect.
9. Turn off the power switch of the machine when the machine is not in use, and make sure that the total power of the machine is turned off to ensure the safety of the electrical products.
10. Use the machine or train the machine operator in strict accordance with the instructions in the manual.

Technical parameters and packaging size


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