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HDLPM011- Lipo+Vaginal

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Our new latest product 3 in 1 beauty instrument can achieve five perfect effects of firming, reducing fat, sculpting, shrinking the vagina and Moistening the vagina. It’s the most advanced non-invasive high-energy focused ultrasound technology in the United States.

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Welcome to use our company's latest products (Liposonic+Vaginal tightness +Detection) :3 in 1 beauty instrument.,It is a custom point + 360 ° 3D surround technology.

Liposonic is a local fat-dissolving instrument used for obesity caused by fat accumulation in the waist, abdomen, back, hands, legs, buttocks.It’s different from traditional methods of reducing weight. It pays more attention to non-invasive local fat elimination rather than replacing liposuction, but provides a safer solution than traditional liposuction.

Vaginal tightness is a more authoritative and high-end anti-aging shrinking instrument after the private laser, It’s a comprehensive treatment aimed at solving the problems of female vaginal tissue rupture, damage, dryness, and relaxation.

This technology is non-invasive, no bleeding, no operation, no scars, no trauma with high safety, it don’t affect the normal life and work.

Instrument overview

Our new latest product 3 in 1 beauty instrument can achieve five perfect effects of firming, reducing fat, sculpting, shrinking the vagina and Moistening the vagina. It’s the most advanced non-invasive high-energy focused ultrasound technology in the United States, penetrate deeply and generate nearly 10000 condensation points, precisely acting on the skin's SMAS layer and fat layer to generate heat energy to break and dissolve fat cells, stimulating the fascia layer to immediately contract and a large number of new collagen reorganization ,which build a new collagen fiber network, and enhance the elasticity of the skin from the bottom layer(Self repair mechanism is safer). It’s the safest and most effective way to treat facial aging, sagging, obesity and vaginal sagging in the beauty industry; The three-in-one reducing body fat, Shaping body ,tightening vaginal and other effects have been recognized by the authorities in the beauty industry, known as the miracle of eternal youth!

Mechanism function

Liposonic use the body cartridges with different depths (0.6cm, 0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.3cm, 1.6cm), transforms into 65-70 degree heat energy to break and dissolve fat cells by focusing ultrasonic.The intelligent positioning system locates the required fat cells, quickly crushes and dissolves large granular fat cells to reduces the amount of fat, while stimulating collagen contraction and proliferation,and quickly filling the gaps that appear after the fat is ablated.After treatment, the skin surface is thin and not wrinkled, and it will not cause damage to the epidermis, blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissues. The crushed fat will be excreted from the body as the body metabolizes.It works at once.It permanently destroys subcutaneous fat, directly reduces the amount of fat without rebounding.One hour course of treatment can reduce the average body circumference by 2-6cm, which can show multiple effects of reducing fat, tightening skin and shaping. For local obesity, it needs 1-3 times to achieve the desired effect.

Vaginal tightness is the use of different depths (3.0mm, 4.5mm) of therapeutic cartridges to focus the accurate energy on the vaginal collagen layer and fascia layer. It uses focused ultrasound to produce a thermal effect of 65 ° ~ 70 ° to promotes the reconstruction of collagen fibers and tendons in the deep vaginal mucosa and tight the contraction of fascia layer,which increase the production of new and tender tissues, changing the vaginal dryness, promoting vaginal mucus secretion during sex, and making sure that the vagina is moist and tender.It’s mainly aimed at the problem of vaginal tissue rupture, damage, dryness, urinary incontinence, relaxation and other problems, triggering the body to initiate the function of repairing regenerative cells.Finally, the purpose of relieving and solving vaginal relaxation is achieved. Because the energy is passing through the epidermis, there is no need to worry about the injury of the mucosal layer, and no worry about the infection caused by the injury of the mucosal layer! The functional instrument of vaginal tightness extends the cartridge into the vagina through the operator,which evenly acts on 54-216 line (about 1350-5400 points) in the SMAS layer in the vagina to achieve the best effect of contracting the vagina.

Technology Advantage

1, A variety of treatment heads, according to different skin depths, choose different cartridges, which can act on a variety of parts, such as the face, neck, chest, arms (butterfly sleeves), hips, legs, abdomen, etc.

2, Liposonic can switch between fast mode or slow mode.

3, The energy is controllable, and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the skin depth, so the operation is safer and more guaranteed.

4, The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen immediately after treatment, which can last for at least 18-24 months at a time, and achieve negative growth for skin age once a year.

5, Focused ultrasound has a certain selectivity, which can focus energy on specific areas, such as: fat layer, fascia layer, dermis layer, epidermal layer;Precise operation does not hurt the surrounding tissues, the energy is slightly over the epidermis, the surface is non-invasive, and the safety performance is high to ensure the customer is painless and comfortable.

6, No injection, no surgery, non-invasive, and does not affect normal life and work.

7, Liposonic adopts a circular custom contour output system. The treatment head emits 24 energy lines in the treatment area. The 24 energy lines in a single shot have 576 focus points, which accurately and completely crushes the amount of fat. The fat tissue is destroyed immediately during the treatment, and the body circumference is reduced by 2-6cm immediately after the treatment. After fat metabolism is completed within 8-12 weeks, the effect is more good.

8, In a single treatment, Liposonic can permanently destroy the subcutaneous fat, directly reducing the number of fat,and the damaged fat cells will never return, and can maintain a long-term slim good figure.

9, The vagina treatment adopts 360-degree 3D surround technology, which automatically controls the rotation angle to ensure multiple points accurately with even points and good effect.

10, Safe and non-invasive: non-invasive stimulation of the proliferation of deep collagen and elastic fiber,during the treatment, the energy skips the mucous membrane layer and is 100% without any damage, which guarantees the customer's comfort and painlessness.

11, After one week of vagina treatment, you can resume normal sexual life.

12, High safety: safe and effective through advanced technology approval and clinical trials, without any impact on natural delivery.

Operation steps of vaginal

Preoperative preparation: Special gel, iodophor disinfectant, saline, 75% disinfectant alcohol, medical gauze and large cotton swabs, disposable gloves and masks.

⑴Keep skin and hair clean and hygienic before surgery; clean the vagina to prevent dirt from entering the skin with ultrasound or to prevent the penetration of ultrasound.

⑵Before using the instrument, disinfect all cartridges and handles and wipe them dry;Select the appropriate cartridge to install on the handle, and the corresponding parameters of the cartridge will be displayed on the screen.(Suggested energy0.6-1.0J)

⑶First clean the treatment site, wipe the vulva with iodine disinfection, and wash the vulva with normal saline.

⑷Before the operation, use a test tube to measure the vaginal laxity, put a protective sleeve (condom) on the airbag head of the test tube and put it in the vagina for testing.After the operation,check the firmness of vaginal.

⑸If automatic mode is required, click "auto". The auto key on represents the auto mode.

⑹Apply the gel to the energy emission area of cartridge (the black film area of the cartridge). Note: The gel can be added more.

⑺Put a condom on the cartridge. (if it is difficult to put it into the condom, apply lubricating oil on the condom surface if it’s difficult to put it in)

⑻After clicking the "Ready"button, the handle will rotate 360º, the handle will automatically rotate, and the reset light will be on. Click the "Start" button to enter the working state.

⑼Operation process of cartridge: cartridge operated vagina in three sections, (The cartridge is first pushed to the cervix, from the inside to the outside);First, use 4.5 cartridge to finish the operation, then use 3.0 cartridge to operate the whole process in the same way. The cartridge is close to the vaginal wall(30 to 40 minutes)

⑽Inserting the cartridge into the end of the vagina, and the "0" degree scale is at the top. If the automatic mode is selected, just press the operation button on the handle once to finish a circle and automatically reset.

⑾For example, if the manual mode is selected, press the button on the handle to send a line. After operation is completed, the handle rotates a preset angle and pauses.,and then press the button on the handle again to send a line, the handle rotates the angle again, repeating the operation in this way until all the operations set for the current time are completed.

⑿The manual mode is to press a line until you complete a circle of 360 degrees, and the handle resets itself.

⒀After completing the operation, remove the condom and clean and disinfect the cartridge and handle with detergent.

⒁Intraginal treatment is shown below:


⒂Postoperative notes of private vaginal:

-Without any special care, normal cleaning is OK.

-After the surgery, there will be a slight swelling inside the vagina, telling guests not to worry.It usually subsides in about five hours.In some treatment sites, there may be very small and slightly white energy points, but these are usually normal, it’s warm and temporary reactions.

-Secretion will increase, which is normal and you can always prepare a pad.

-In a very small number of people, small blood spots appear in the vaginal mucosa and they will disappear automatically within a few days to weeks. The reason is due to improper operation of the operator during treatment, which is caused by excessive energy acting on the mucosal layer.

-The treatment time for other equipment after treatment is one month.

-One week after treatment, you can have normal sex life.

-3-5 times a course of treatment, once a month.

Use precautions

1, Use Precautions of liposonic as follow:

⑴Menstrual period, pregnant women or pregnant planners within a month should be cautious;

⑵The position of prosthesis and scar should be avoided;⑶Injection of hyaluronic acid needs to wait for half a year before ultrasound treatment;

⑷Those patients should be used cautiously who has history of incomplete wound healing liver,or close to the treatment site where there is a large metal .

⑸Those patients should be used cautiously who with malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding, serious diseases, skin diseases and infectious diseases;

⑹Those patients should be used cautiously who has diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, heart rhythm, implantable cardiac defibrillator, or other electromagnetic implantable medical devices, etc.

⑺Before using the instrument, clean the skin of the treatment site to prevent dirt from entering the skin with the ultrasound or preventing the penetration of ultrasound. Please remove all metal objects from your body before treatment to avoid unforeseen conditions that may affect the curative effect.

⑻It’s forbidden to operate without gel medium. It’s better to use the medium with a certain viscosity, which is conducive to the better fusion of ultrasound and skin, and to prevent the gap from causing reflection, which is not conducive to the better conduction of sound.

⑼Do not repeat too much for each treatment area, no more than 2 times to avoid skin redness and swelling.

⑽The degree of cartridge heat does not represent the size of the ultrasonic power output; small concentrations of liquids or drugs should not penetrate directly, otherwise it will easily cause dry skin.

2, Vaginal precautions of use are as follows:

⑴Those shall be prohibited who have no sexual life experience,or in menstrual period, gestation period or have just had an abortion ;

⑵Patients with common diseases but in the onset period are not suitable for use. It is recommended that the body recover before treatment.

⑶Patients with tumor near vagina are forbidden; patients with serious venereal disease are forbidden;

⑷The inner wall of vagina should be used cautiously if there is slight wound on the surface, and it is forbidden if the wound is more than moderate;

⑸Cervical erosion is prohibited for second and moderate vaginitis, and patients with severe gynecological diseases are prohibited;

⑹Vigorous exercise is forbidden within one day after treatment, bicycles, tub baths, and intercourse are not allowed within one week;

⑺After the treatment, please pay attention to diet, and don’t eat raw food, cold food, and spicy food ,Do not take aspirin and other anticoagulant drugs, do not smoke, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation.

⑻After 6 months or 1 year postpartum, treatment can be performed. If artificial lactation continues after 6 months postpartum, treatment can be performed after complete weaning is stopped.

Common failure

1, There is no display on the instrument interface. Please check if the power plug is not connected or the power switch is turned on.

2, The instrument is normal but there is no energy output or it is always on alarm. Please check if the handle cable is firmly connected to the host or the probe is installed in place.

Instrument maintenance

1, After using the instrument, please clean it with alcohol disinfection and keep it properly.

2, The plug with grounding pin must be used before use, and ensure that the power socket of the instrument is truly grounded.

3, Please make sure that the voltage of instrument is adapted. If the local power supply voltage is unstable, we recommend that the user increase the power matching power supply.

4, In order to ensure the therapeutic effect and normal service life of the instrument, please use the specified accessories provided or recommended by the original manufacturer.

5, Do not place in a humid place or near a water source, and do not expose the instrument directly to the sun.

6, Do not place the instrument close to a strong heat source as this may affect the life of the instrument and its normal use.

7, Please first remove all metal objects from your body to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the efficacy.

8, In order to avoid contact failure, please pay attention to the skin contact with a certain degree of moisture, with water - based products or water to wipe it can achieve the desired effect.

9, When not in use, please turn off the power switch of the instrument, and ensure that the total power of the instrument is turned off after use to ensure the safety of the electrical products.

10, Using instruments or training instrument operators in strict accordance with instructions in the use manual.

Technical parameters and package size

Product name: Three in one

(vaginal tightness+detection+liposonic)

Input voltage: AC110V - 220V Fuse: 5A

Output voltage: 10-200W

Weight: 12kg(Don’t include the base)

Size of Air box: 31×44×50cm


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