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HDSRM011-Ozone plasma pen ONLY

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The ionization of free electrons will change the gas state when the gas material exerts energy. The energy applied at this time is: heat, AC, DC, RF and other different kinds.

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HDSRM011-Ozone plasma pen ONLY

The ionization of free electrons will change the gas state when the gas material exerts energy.

The energy applied at this time is: heat, AC, DC, RF and other different kinds.

In the case of plasma, DC current is used as energy source.

What is ozone?

A high frequency voltage is generated, and oxygen in the air is electrolyzed to generate ozone.

The function of ozone

Ozone acts on the cell membrane of bacteria, causing damage to the membrane components, destroying lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changing cell lysis and death, thereby killing bacterial fungi and aphids in a very short period of time, and inhibiting inflammation, and the effect of acne is obvious. , ozone is reduced to oxygen after sterilization.There is no residue or secondary pollution, which is unachievable by any chemical system.

The future and benefits of Ozone plasma

« It can be used in all parts.

« There was no wound on the epidermis after the operation of it.

« Skin regeneration after operation of it.

« New collagen was produced on the dermis after the operation of it.

« Skin elasticity improves with the production of new collagen after the operation of it.

« No pain, no scarring, no bleeding, no wounds, non-invasive operation, more convenient operation, safer and more effective.

Main efficacy of ozone plasma

●Improve the absorption rate of effective ingredients in skin care products, improve the effect of functional cosmetics.

●Sterilization and anti-inflammation, effective removal of deep skin acne bacteria, acne marks, acne and other with obvious effects, and prevent recurrence.

●Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, and alleviate skin aging.

●Alleviate skin itching caused by allergy and dryness.

●Inhibits melanin, brightens skin tone, refines skin texture and shrinks pore.

Effects of the ozone plasma

1. Ozone plasma -efficient penetration

Ultra-micro plasma can activate skin epidermal cells instantaneously, increase the hydrophilicity of skin to help other molecules to bind and help the effective ingredients of nutrient solution to be fully absorbed to improve the skin and make the skin more lustrous.

2. Improving skin elasticity and anti-aging

The cells have a membrane potential, the inner membrane is negatively charged, and the outer membrane is positively charged. As the skin ages, the distribution of charge along the film is not uniform, thereby changing the voltage of the film.

The membrane potential is affected by potassium ions and sodium ions. Potassium ions easily pass through, and it is difficult for sodium ions to change the membrane potential through the ozone plasma, so that all types of ions easily pass through the membrane and balance the potential, thereby tightening the membrane.

3.Removing Acne and Hemorrhoids

Skin exfoliation produced by ozone plasma has obvious effect on dead glial cells, killing 75% of acne-inducing bacteria and acne vulgaris, especially for inflammatory acne. It has the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion and preventing acne recurrence.

4.Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Ozone plasma contains reactive oxygen atoms, oxygen molecules and plasma produced by the radiation will destroy the bacterial cell membrane, DNA and protein, thus playing a bactericidal effect.

Steps for usage

❶Please take off all metal accessories before nursing.

❷When the probe is discharged, the face should be wiped with alcohol cotton first, and the probe should be kept dry after disinfection treatment. (Do a good job of detoxification to prevent cross-infection)

❸Before nursing, clean the skin deeply and keep the skin fresh and dry after cleaning.

❹Energy from 1 to 5, operation is recommended to use energy from 2 to 4.

(Adjusting energy according to personal feeling when using, and adjusting energy when there is no feeling).

❺Press the start button in operation,→Put the treatment head close to the skin, operating from bottom to top, staying 2-3 seconds, and operate one part 2-3 times.

❻After the operation, the essence can be introduced, massage to promote absorption, can also apply mask.

❼After using the instrument, the treatment head can take out the waste from deep skin pores, and wipe the treatment head with alcohol cotton to disinfect it.

★In order to ensure ozone production and efficiency, it is necessary to clean the probe (the discharge surface of ozone sheet) with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide after each operation, and clean the surface adsorbate in time, which can prolong the service life and slow down the attenuation of ozone production.

The following people are prohibited to use:

▲Those place the artificial heart pacemaker,or suffer from arrhythmia or any other serious heart disease.

▲Those quipped with any implantable metal device

▲Beauty apparatus is not recommended for pregnant women or breast-feeding women.

The parameter of Ozone plasma

Regulated output voltage:DC9V/3A

Input voltage:100-240V

Output powe:27W

Outer Package size:38X32X13 CM

Total weight:2.5 KG

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