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Our new latest product three in one beauty instrument can achieve four perfect effects of skin tightening, wrinkle removal, shaping body, Tighten pudendum. The most advanced part of the three in one beauty instrument is the use of the most advanced ultrasonic energy.

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Our new latest product three in one beauty instrument can achieve four perfect effects of skin tightening, wrinkle removal, shaping body, Tighten pudendum. The most advanced part of the three in one beauty instrument is the use of the most advanced ultrasonic energy, which can penetrate deep into the SMAS layer of the skin, causing immediate contraction of collagen and stimulating collagen fiber network, thus enhancing skin elasticity from thebottom layer(the self-repair mechanism is safer). This is the safest and most effective way to treat facial skin aging and sagging and Vaginal relaxation in the beauty industry. three in one beauty instrument, the magical removing wrinkles lifting and Vaginal tightening efficacy has been recognized by the authoritative institutions in the beauty industry, and is known as the miracle of youthful youthl Combining 4D with privacy can not only tighten the face, eliminate wrinkles and resist aging, but also tighten the female's privacy. That is, the facial rejuvenation, but also has a girl-like private compact tender slippery, an instrument, double choice.

Instrument Principle

The three-in-one instrument uses high-energy focused ultrasound to penetrate and produce nearly 10,000 coagulation points in deep layer of skin, which acts on SMAS fascia layer in deep layer of skin, causes collagen to contract immediately, stimulates collagen regeneration and reorganization, and constructs a new collagen fibre network to enhance skin elasticity from the bottom of skin.
The three-in-one instrument uses probes of different depths(1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm) to accurately focus energy on the epidermis, fascia and collagen layer,4.5mm is located in the subcutaneous fascia layer, which produces protein coagulation reaction, thus producing tension around the coagulation point as the center and exerts tension on the fascia. Muscle layers grow and pull to achieve the best effect of shaping, lifting and tightening,3.0mm acts on subcutaneous collagen layer to stimulate collagen regeneration, which can gradually tighten and improve skin and restore elasticity, facial wrinkles caused by sagging; one operation, comprehensive facial synthesis Pull up and tighten the whole contour.
Privacy is the use of different depths (3.0mm,4.5mm) of the treatment head, the precise energy focused on the vaginal collagen layer, fascia layer, the use of machinery to produce about 60 degrees to 70 degrees of thermal effect, promote the vaginal deep mucosal collagen fiber regeneration and fascia contraction, increase the production of new tender tissue, change. Vagina is dry and astringent, which promotes vaginal mucus secretion during sexual intercourse, and ensures vaginal moisture and tenderness. Mainly for vaginal tissue rupture, damage, dryness, urinary incontinence, relaxation and other issues for comprehensive treatment, triggering the body to start the repair of regenerative cells. Finally, the purpose of alleviating and solving vaginal relaxation is achieved.
Because the energy is Skiming over the epidermis, there is no need to worry about the injury of the mucosal layer and the infection caused by the injury of the sensory mucosal layer. Private functional instruments extend the probe into the vagina through the operator, and uniformly act 54-216 lines(about
1350-5400points) in the SMAS layer of the vagina to achieve the best effect of vaginal contraction.

Technology Advantage

1. Two modes for 4D : fast mode or slow mode can be switched.

2. 4D: A maximum of 12 lines can be used in a single shot, and the maximum energy area is 11mm wide. the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size of the skin area,which make the operation time is greatly shortened , make the energy point effects on the skin is more uniform, and the curative effect is better.

3. 4D Using the most advanced high-tech technology, it is equipped with two treatment heads according to the facial skin condition,which accurately affects different depths of skin,and the energy is slightly over the epidermis during treatment, and 100% without any damage.at the same time,the depth of the skin treated by the treatment head is consistent with the set value, ensuring the customer's painless and comfortable.

4. In addition to the thermal effect on dermal collagen and collagen fiber, it also has thermal stimulation on the fat layer and fascia layer (SMAS), and the therapeutic effect is far better than that of Thermage.

5. The operation is simple and convenient, no need for consumables, greatly reducing treatment costs.

6. The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen immediately after treatment, which can last for at least 18-24 months at a time, and achieve negative growth for skin age once a year.

7. Makeup immediately after treatment does not affect normal life and work.

8. privacy use of 360 degrees of 3D surround technology, through automatic control of rotation angle, to ensure that multiple accurate, uniform dots, good results.

9. The energy is controllable, and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the depth of the vagina, so the operation is safer and more secure.

10. Safe and non-invasive: non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastic fiber proliferation, treatment energy slightly over the mucosal layer, 100% without any damage, to ensure customer comfort and pain-free.

11. Immediate tighten was achieved after operation.

12. One week after treatment, it can resume normal sexual life.

13. High safety: It is safe and effective after high-end technology approval and clinical trials, and will not have any impact on natural childbirth.

Instrument Parts


Functional Profile of Therapeutic Head

Facial functional

The depth of skin treatment and efficacy


Energy reaches directly to the dermis layer, making the fibrous tissue densely arranged to make the skin smooth and delicate.


Energy directly to the skin subcutaneous tissue accelerates the activity of cell, regenerating collagen to increase skin elasticity and firm skin.


Energy directly reaches the fascia layer to thermally coagulate the fascia layer, which produces the effect of tightening and lifting the fascia layer to suspend the skin, so that the skin can be improved from deep to shallow to support the subcutaneous structure of the skin, and better help the bottom layer of the skin to restore elasticity and remove the wrinkle to lift facial skin.
privacy3.0mm Energy goes directly to submucosal tissue to accelerate cell activity, regenerate collagen, increase mucosal elasticity and tighten vaginal muscles.
privacy4.5mm The energy goes directly to the fascia layer, which makes the fascia layer heat coagulate to produce the effect of tightening Yin.Improve the muscle structure supporting the mucosa from deep to shallow to help the muscle layer restore more elasticity and compactness.
Privacy testing tube Using the principle of balloon manometry to detect vaginal relaxation.

The instrument is equipped with four probes: 4D head: 3.0mm, 4.5m, privacy head: 3.0mm, 4.5mm.

Note: 4D body probes with 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 13.0mm and 16.0mm are selected.

Installation of Instruments

First: Insert the 4D handle line into the right socket of the machine and fix the screws;

Second: insert the carving handle line into the left socket of the machine; (align the hole position and install, lock the handle again)

Thirdly, insert the power cord into the back power socket and connect the power supply line which is suitable for the voltage in the normal working range of the instrument.

The installation of 4D probe is shown as follows:


Instrument Instructions

1. Operation introduction for 4D

⑴ Clean face→Before the operation of the instrument, the gel should be evenly applied to the part to be treated.
⑵ Face:Firstly, the 4.5mm probe is operated, then the 3.0mm probe (synchronizing the position of 4.5 probe) is operated, and finally the 1.5mm probe is operated. (All probe operations range from deep to shallow)

⑶ Before the operation of the instrument, replace the required treatment head and adjust the energy from low to high to the range that the experiencer can withstand.

⑷  4D manipulation: operate with this line position (as shown below)

- 4D whole facial operation: each depth probe operates 200-250 rounds;


4D Operational exclusion zone:Avoid hairline, temples, eyes (eyeballs), Yintang, nose,Around the mouth,Lip, chin, Mandible,larynx, aorta, and Where nerves such as navel pass through;

The thyroid around the neck can not be operated;When treating the body, where nerves pass and blood vessels pass, please do not operate.

⑸ During the operation, the treatment head should be kept flat against the skin, and the operation spacing should be arranged closely.

⑹ In the process of operation, we should constantly ask the experiencer about comfort and adjustment of energy size to ensure that the experiencer receives the experience in a pleasant state.

⑺ Repeated intensive treatment at the problem site (2-3 times).
⑻ During operation, please keep the skin moist. If the coated medium dries out, you need to re apply the gel.

⑼ Postoperative Repair Nutrition--Cellular food and collagen were taken uninterruptedly for 1 to 6 months, according to the condition of skin rehabilitation.

⑽ Such as: teeth or around the teeth, implant teeth, there may be toothache.it can be done by inhaling to make the mouth bulge up or wrapping the teeth with gauze at this time.

⑾ 4D treatment reference:

  Width Clearance Power Pitch Lenght

Problematic skin

Severe skin

Normal skin






Three times as a course of treatment

1 times /2-3 months


5 times as a course of treatment


Sensitive skin






2. Introduction to Privacy Operations

Preoperative preparation is required : Gel, Lodophor cotton ball, Normal saline, 75% Disinfectant Alcohol, Lubricating oil, Condom, Medical cotton swab and gauze, Disposable gloves and masks.

⑴ Keep skin and pubic hair clean before operation;Clean vagina,To prevent dirt from entering the skin with ultrasound or to prevent the penetration of ultrasound.

(2) Before use machine,Sterilize the handle and wipe it dry;When the probe is installed on the handle, the corresponding parameters of the probe will be displayed on the screen.

⑶ First clean the treatment area, use iodophor disinfection to wipe the inner vulva, and normal saline to clean and wipe the outer vulva.

⑷ Vaginal relaxation was measured with a test tube before operation,Put a protective cover (condom) on the balloon head of the test tube and put it into the vagina for detection.The instrument was used to measure the tightness after vaginal treatment.

⑸ If automatic mode is required, click "AUTO". AUTO key highlights represent automatic mode.

⑹ The gel is applied to the probe energy emitter (probe black film domain). Note: gel can be added more.

⑺ Put a condom on the probe.

(e.g. if it is difficult to insert, a layer of Lubricant product can be applied on the outer surface of condom)

⑻ After clicking Ready to prepare key, the handle rotates 360°, and the automatic rotation reset lamp of the handle turns on.Click on the "Start" button to enter the working state.

⑼ Probe operation process: probe operation vagina is divided into three sections. (First, the probe reaches the cervical orifice, From inside to outside. inside, middle, outside); Use 4.5 probe at first, then use 3.0 probe to operate in the same way; During the whole process, the probe is close to the vaginal wall. (30-140 minutes)

⑽ Insert the probe into the end of the vagina, and the "0" scale is at the top. If the automatic mode is selected, it can be completed by pressing the operation button on the handle once, and reset automatically.

⑾ For example, the selection is manual mode, press the button on the handle to send out a line, after the dotting operation is completed, the handle is suspended after rotating the preset angle, and then press the button on the handle to send out a line, the handle rotates the angle again, so repeat the operation until the operation of the current setup is complete. 

⑿ Manual mode is to hit the line by clicking until a circle of 360 degrees is completed and the handle is reset by itself.

⒀ After the operation, remove the condom and clean the probe and handle with detergent.

⒁ Following is a demonstration of intravaginal therapy: 


⒂ Privacy Postoperative Notes:

-No special care is needed, Normal cleaning is enough.

-There will be slight swelling in the vagina after the operation. Tell the guest not to worry. It usually subsides in about five hours.There may also be minimal white energy points at some therapeutic sites, but these are usually normal, mild and temporary responses.

-secretion will increase,it is a normal phenomenon, be ever prepared Cushion.

-In very few cases, small blood spots appear in the vaginal mucosa and disappear automatically within days and weeks.The reason is the improper operation of the operator during the treatment and the excessive energy acting on the mucosa.

-If you want to be treated with other equipment after treatment, you must be one month later.

-One week after treatment, normal sexual life can be achieved.

-One course of treatment is 3-5 times and one month for 1 time.

Taboos for Instrument Users

1. When using 4D instruments, the following symptoms should be carefully observed. Details are as follows:

1. Before using the instrument, the skin of the physiotherapy site should be cleaned and cleaned,To prevent dirt from entering the skin with ultrasound or to prevent the penetration of ultrasoundBefore treatment, please Take off all the metal objects on your body first.In order to avoid the unexpected situation and affect the curative effect.

2. It is better to use a certain viscosity with the medium, which is conducive to the better integration of ultrasound and skin, Prevent the gap from reflecting, which is disadvantageous to sound transmission.

3. Each treatment area can not be repeated too much, up to three times, to avoid skin redness and swelling.

4. The degree of probe heat does not represent the output of ultrasonic power. Low concentration of water or drugs should not be directly penetrated, otherwise it is easy to cause dry skin.

5. When using the instrument, the probe should not be close to the eye or pass through the eyeball.

6. Patients who are suffering from illness should also use the instrument carefully unless the doctor's permission is obtained.

7. Patients with malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding.

8. Use cautiously in patients with major diseases, skin diseases and infectious diseases.

9. Heart, brain, cervical nerve center, spine, eyeball, hemorrhage, injection.

10. Pregnant women, diabetes mellitus, menstruation, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and other patients to avoid operation.

11. Injection of hyaluronic acid should wait six months before ultrasound scalpel treatment can be carried out.

12. Do not drink or eat spicy food after 4D treatment. Do not wash your face with overheated water or supercooled water within a week. Do not apply high temperature yoga, sauna, steamed face and facial massage (avoid facial squeezing). Apply the mask to replenish the water every day for a week. Pay attention to sunscreen. Do not use radiofrequency and light apparatus for treatment within one month.

2. The following symptoms should be used with caution,Details are as follows:

1. This instrument is forbidden for those who have no experience in sexual life, pregnancy or Just abortion .

2. It is forbidden during menstruation or within one day before and after menstruation.

3. It is not suitable for patients with common diseases in the onset stage,It is suggested that the body be restored and treated again.

4. Cancer patients are forbidden in the vicinity of vagina, and severe venereal diseases are forbidden.

5. Use cautiously in patients with minor surface trauma on the inner wall of the vagina, above moderate trauma,It is forbidden to use.

6. Cervical erosion secondary and moderate vaginitis, severe gynecological disease patients are forbidden to use;

7. No strenuous exercise for one day after the end of the course,You can't ride a bicycle for a week,can't bath in a tub,Prohibition of Sexual Life.

8. After the course of treatment, please pay attention to diet, fasting raw and cold, spicy, hot and dry food.Do not take aspirin and other anticoagulant drugs, do not smoke, eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation.

9. Treatment is available six months or one year after delivery.If artificial breastfeeding is still carried out six months after delivery, it is necessary to wait until complete weaning is stopped before treatment.

Common Faults of Instruments

1. The interface of the instrument is not displayed. Please check whether the power plug is properly connected or whether the power switch is turned on.

2. The instrument is normal but has no energy output or has been alarming after booting. Please check whether the handle wire is firmly connected to the main engine or whether the probe is installed in place.

Maintenance and Maintenance of Instruments

1. After using the instrument, please clean it with alcohol disinfection and keep it properly.

2. The plug with grounding pin must be used before use, and ensure that the power socket of the instrument is truly grounded.

3. The instrument voltage is suitable. If the local power supply voltage is unstable, we suggest that users increase the power matching regulated power supply.

4. The therapeutic effect of the instrument and its normal service life should be guaranteed. Please use the specified accessories provided or recommended by the original manufacturer.

5. Do not place it in wet places or near water sources, and do not expose the instrument directly to sunlight.

6. The instrument should not approach the strong heat source, because this may affect the life and normal use of the instrument.

7. Please take off all metal objects from your body first, so as to avoid unexpected conditions affecting the curative effect.

8. Avoid bad contact, please pay attention to contact the skin to have a certain degree of wetness, water products or water wipe can achieve the desired effect.

9. Turn off the power switch when the instrument is not in use,And ensure that the total power supply of the instrument is switched off before and after use to ensure the safety of the electrical products.

10. Use the instrument strictly in accordance with the instructions in the manual or use the instrument strictly according to the instructions of the operator of the training instrument.

Instrument Technical Parameters and Packaging Dimensions

Product name: three in one

Input voltage: AC110V - 220V

Output power: 10-200W

Fuse: 5A

Flightcase size: 31×44×50cm

Weight: About 11.2kg(Excluding base)

Base size: 73×51×17cm

Base weight:About 10kg


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