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Our new latest product 2 in 1 4D beauty instrument (Radar line carving +4multi-line) can achieve three perfect effects of tightening skin, removing wrinkle, shaping body. The most advanced part of 2 in 1 4D is the use of the most advanced ultrasonic energy.

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Instrument Overview

Our new latest product 2 in 1 4D beauty instrument (Radar line carving +4multi-line) can achieve three perfect effects of tightening skin, removing wrinkle, shaping body. The most advanced part of 2 in 1 4D is the use of the most advanced ultrasonic energy, which can penetrate deep into the SMAS layer of the skin, causing immediate contraction of collagen and stimulating collagen fiber network, thus enhancing skin elasticity from the bottom layer (the self-repair mechanism is safer). This is the safest and most effective way to treat facial skin aging and sagging in the beauty industry. It is a cross-era multiple beauty instrument without wound, convalescence, bleeding. It’s magical removing wrinkles and improving efficacy has been recognized by the authoritative institutions in the beauty industries, and is known as the miracle of youthful youth!

Instrument Principle

With its unique high-energy focused ultrasound, ultrasonic focusing can directly reach the SMAS layer, promote the suspension of SMAS fascia, and comprehensively solve the sagging and relaxation problems of the face. It precisely locates the ultrasonic energy at the 4.5mm fascia layer under the skin, which play a role in the fascia layer to growth and pull the muscle to achieve the best effects of shaping body and tightening skin. It acts on the collagen layer of 3mm under the skin to rejuvenate the collagen and achieve anti-aging problems such as skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle removal and pore reduction, at the same time, because the energy swept across the epidermis, don't need to be worry about epidermis to get hurt completely and can make the skin arrives the effect that pulls quickly, compact outline, fast smooth furrow!

Radar Carving is the use of mechanical radar waves for good tissue penetration, accurately transferring 65 to 72 degrees of thermal energy to the skin's SMAS layer, 1.5 epidermis, 3.0 dermis, 4.5 fascia, 4.5 collagen (other one), 13 fat layer, 8.0 shaping, produce heat coagulation to shrink skin and regenerate collagen. In addition, It can be used to treat obesity and the chest by melting the fat layer (depth 8mm~13mm).

A variety of therapeutic heads effectively stimulate fibroblasts to split new cells at 40 times per second, dissolve facial fat cells, tighten skin contours, repair damaged fibrous tissue, to stimulate collagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieve the effect of thin face and tight Q-bomb. At the same time, the precise positioning of the radar wave can actively identify the fat cells, and reach the depth of the target through a frictional treatment of unique probe, so that the patient doesn’t feel pain.

Difference between Radar carving and line carving

Difference: Radar Carving is with more fast speed, good energy, and uniform effect,and why do we set a lifespan of 60,000 rounds per probe?

A: Because each ultrasound focusing energy chip will have a lifespan of about 60,000 rounds, if more than 60,000 rounds, the energy of probe will weaken the effect and the machine's functional stability.

Technology Advantage

1. There are two modes of 4D: fast mode or slow mode.

2. 4D can be used for 1 to 12 lines with a maximum energy area width of 11mm, and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size of the skin area,which make the operation time is greatly shortened, make the energy point effects on the skin is more uniform, and the curative effect is better.

3. 4D using the most advanced high-tech technology, it is equipped with two therapeutic heads according to the facial skin condition,which accurately affects different depths of skin, and the energy is slightly over the epidermis during treatment, and 100% without any damage at the same time, the depth of the skin treated by the treatment head is consistent with the set value, ensuring the customer's painless and comfortable.

4. In addition to the thermal effect on dermal collagen and collagen fiber, it also has thermal stimulation on the fat layer and fascia layer (SMAS), and the therapeutic effect is far better than that of Thermage.

5. The operation is simple and convenient, no need for consumables, greatly reducing treatment costs.

6. The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen immediately after treatment, which can last for at least 18-24 months at a time, and achieve negative growth for skin age once a year.

7. Makeup immediately after treatment does not affect normal life and work.

8. Accurate depth of mechanical radar waves: the energy gathers in the deep tissue and has no effect on the surface skin. On the one hand, it has a deep effect, on the other hand, it better protects the surface skin.

9. Radar Carving Machine with the way of rubbing and rolling, the method of concentrating the energy in the treatment area can achieve better results in each area with uniform energy by using this way, which is less painful than previous HIFU instruments.

10. Radar Carving Machine is operated by shortening the energy emission interval, because the treatment interval is short, it can be operated frequently, and the effect can be obtained in a shorter time.

11. Compared with the original HIFU instrument, the radar line carving machine with a new probe for more precise operation.

Instrument Parts


Functional Profile of Therapeutic Head

Functional head of the face

Treatment of skin depth and efficacy

1.5mm Energy reaches directly to the dermis layer, making the fibrous tissue densely arranged to make the skin smooth and delicate.
3.0mm Energy directly to the skin subcutaneous tissue accelerates the activity of cell, regenerating collagen to increase skin elasticity and firm skin.
4.5mm Energy directly reaches the fascia layer to thermally coagulate the fascia layer, which produces the effect of tightening and lifting the fascia layer to suspend the skin, so that the skin can be improved from deep to shallow to support the subcutaneous structure of the skin, and better help the bottom layer of the skin to restore elasticity and remove the wrinkle to lift facial skin.

There are total 5 standard probes.

Carving head:1.5mm3.0mm4.5mm 4D head :3.0mm4.5mm.

Remarked: 4D has body probes of 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 13.0mm and 16.0mm;The radar carving has the probes of 4.5mm, 8.0mm in the chest and 13.0mm in the body, it can be choosed the corresponding probe to treat the body parts according to the needs.


First: Insert the 4D handle line into the right socket of the machine and fix the screws;

Second: insert the carving handle line into the left socket of the machine; (align the hole and install the handle)

Thirdly, insert the power cord into the back power socket and connect the power supply line which is suitable for the voltage in the normal working range of the instrument.

The installation of 4D probe is shown as follows:


The installation of Radar Carving probe is shown as follows:


Interface Introduction

1. Start-up

Please check whether the connection of the instrument is normal, switch on the power of the instrument and press the power switch of the host, the machine will start up and the boot interface appears as following picture.


After clicking the boot interface, it automatically enters into the professional work interface as following picture.


2. 4D functional introduction of professional work interface,various parameters can be adjusted in the working interface as following:


3. The usage range of 4D each probe and the recommended operating parameters:


4. The usage range of Radar Carving each probe and the recommended operating parameters:


Instrument Instructions

1. Cleaning the face → Apply the product gel evenly to the area to be treated before the instrument is operated.

2. Face: First operate the 4.5mm probe, then operate the 3.0mm probe (synchronized 4.5 probe operated position), and finally operate the 1.5mm probe. (therefore, the operation of probe is from deep to shallow).

3. Before the operation of the instrument, replace the required therapeutic head, and the energy is adjusted from low to high to the extent that the experience can withstand.

4. Operational steps of 4D instrument,operate the position of the line (as shown below pictures).

- 4D whole facial operation: the depth of each probe is 200-250 rounds;

- Then operate the dead corners of the face with Radar Carving (nasolabial), each probe operates about 800-1000 rounds.


5. Operational steps of Radar Carving: The position of cheek is operated in a circle from the bottom to the top, and the mandible is from the bottom to the top, (Don’t operate the position of the bone), nasolabial is operated in a circle from inside to outside along the cheek of apple.

Note: 1 second operational position is about 5 mm, move the probe; Don’t stay for more than 2 seconds at the same part in the operation time. (Avoid eye area during operation).

6. The therapeutic head should be kept flat on the skin, and the operation spacing should be arranged closely during the operation.

7. During the operation, the experiencer should be constantly asked about the comfort level and the adjustment of energy level, so as to ensure that the experiencer can receive the experience in a pleasant state.

8. Repeated intensive treatment at the problem site (2-3 times).

9. Please make sure the skin is moist during operation. If the medium is dry during operation, please reapply the gel.

10. Postoperative repair of nutrients - cell food and collagen for 1 to 6 months without interruption, the amount according to skin rehabilitation.

11. Such as: teeth or parts around the teeth, implant teeth, there may be a cold toothache. This can be done by inhaling to make the mouth bulge up or wrapping the teeth with gauze.

Operational exclusion zone: Avoid hairline, temples, eyes (eyeballs), Yintang, nose, upper lip, chin, larynx, aorta, and navel etc;

The thyroid area around the neck cannot be operated; When treating the body, the places of the nerves and blood vessels pass through, please do not operate.

Setting and Therapeutic Reference







Problematic skin

Severe skin

Normal skin






3time/course of treatment

1 time/2-3months

Sensitive skin






5times/course of treatment

A&Q Common Problems

A: Why do we put the Radar Carving Machine together with the 12 rows of HIFU?

Q: Because 12 rows of HIFU can not be operated in many parts of the face, it can be said that there is no dead corner with the operation of radar line carving machine, the pain is reduced, and the effect is more obvious.

A: Is there any pain when doing Radar Carving treatment?

Q: The unique probe of radar carving is frictional treatment without any pain.Because the energy of the radar waves is transmitted deeply into the target, if the operation speed is slow and the customer feels pain after staying for a long time, the degree of pain varies from person to person. However, the radar-sculpted unique probe friction treatment does not cause any pain.

A: Does the customer need a break?

Q: No breaks. Customers can resume normal activities immediately.

A: How many rounds does it take if just using the Radar  Carving Machine alone?

Q: This depends on the areas that need to be addressed. For the whole facial treatment, requires about 2500-3000 rounds of each depth probe, depending on the size of the client's therapeutic site to determine the number of rounds. Each probe is about 3,000 rounds in the body and about 2,500 rounds in the chest.

A: When will the customer see the results? How long do they last?

Q: Most clients can see the results immediately after the treatment is over. However, it mainly depends on the skin elasticity of the individual and the rebuilding process of collagen. Generally it will last for 1-3 years.

A: How often? What's the reaction?

Q: In order to maintain the long-term therapeutic effect, it is recommended to operate once every 2-3 months. It's possible to see a little redness after treatment and it will go away in a few hours.

A: What are radar mechanical waves?

Q:Radar mechanical wave is an oscillating sound pressure wave whose frequency is larger than the upper limit of human auditory range.Therefore, ultrasound is about 4-7 kHz (4-70,00 Hz) in healthy young adults. Ultrasonic operate at frequencies from 4-7 kHz to several gigahertz.


Precautions and Maintenance

1. After using the instrument each time, please wipe it with clean water, disinfect it with alcohol and keep it properly(Avoid scratching the black film of the probe).

2. The plug with grounding pin must be used before use, and ensure that the power socket of the instrument is truly grounded.

3. Please make sure that the voltage of instrument is adapted. If the local power supply voltage is unstable, we recommend that the user increase the power matching power supply.

4. In order to ensure the therapeutic effect and normal service life of the instrument, please use the specified accessories provided or recommended by the original manufacturer.

5. Do not place in a humid place or near a water source, and do not expose the instrument directly to the sun.

6. Do not place the instrument close to a strong heat source as this may affect the life of the instrument and its normal use.

8. To avoid poor contact during winter or dry weather, please apply the gel to the face evenly(the probe should be pressed flat).

9. Media such as water, oil shall not infiltrate into the inside of the instrument. It shall not be hit, knocked or slammed to avoid damage to the instrument.

10. After using the ultrasonic beauty instrument, please disinfect the probe with alcohol in time and disconnect the power supply.

Contraindication of Instrument Users

The Patients with the following symptoms should be cautious in using the device. Please consult doctors or professionals before using the device. The details are as follows:

1. Before using the instrument, the skin of the physiotherapy part should be cleaned to prevent the dirt from entering the skin with ultrasonic waves or preventing the penetration of ultrasonic waves. Please remove all metal objects from your body before treatment to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the efficacy.
2. It is better to use a certain viscosity of the medium, which is conducive to the better integration of ultrasound and skin, and to prevent the gap from causing reflection, which is not conducive to better transmission of sound energy.
3. Each treatment area should not be repeated too much, up to three times, to avoid skin redness and swelling.
4. The degree of heat of the probe does not represent the output of the ultrasonic power, the water liquid with a small concentration or drug should not be directly infiltrated, otherwise it may cause dry skin.
5. The probe should not be close to the eye or pass through the eyeballwhen using the instrument
6. The instrument should also be used with caution by patients who are ill unless the doctor's permission is obtained.
7. Patients with malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding
8. Patients with major diseases and who with skin diseases and infectious diseases should be used with caution.
9. Heart, brain, neck nerve center, spine, eyeball, bleeding, injection.
10. Pregnant women, severe heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and high blood pressure.
11. The treatment of Ultrasonic beauty instrument can only be performed after half a year of injection of hyaluronic acid.
12. After treatment, do not eat spicy food, and do not wash your face with superheated or supercooled water within a week. no hot yoga, sauna, steamed face and facial massage(Avoid squeezing the face), apply mask for hydration every day for a week, and pay attention to sun protection, what's more, do not use the RF and light instrument for treatment within a month.

Common Failures

1. There is no display on the instrument interface. Please check if the power plug is not connected or the power switch is turned on.

2. The instrument is normal but there is no energy output or it is always on alarm. Please check if the handle cable is firmly connected to the host or the probe is installed in place.

Instrument Maintenance

1. After using the instrument, please clean it with alcohol disinfection and keep it properly.

2. The plug with grounding pin must be used before use, and ensure that the power socket of the instrument is truly grounded.

3. Please make sure that the voltage of instrument is adapted. If the local power supply voltage is unstable, we recommend that the user increase the power matching power supply.

4. In order to ensure the therapeutic effect and normal service life of the instrument, please use the specified accessories provided or recommended by the original manufacturer.

5. Do not place in a humid place or near a water source, and do not expose the instrument directly to the sun.

6. Do not place the instrument close to a strong heat source as this may alfect the life of the instrument and its normal use.

7. Please first remove all metal objects from your body to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the efficacy.

8. In order to avoid contact failure, please pay atention to the skin contact with a certain degree of moisture, with water-based products or water to wipe it can achieve the desired effect

9. When not in use, please turn off the power switch of the instrument, and ensure that the total power of the instrument is turned off after use to ensure the safety of the electrical products.

10. Using instruments or training instrument operators in strict accordance with instructions in the use manual.

Technical Parameters and Package Size

Product name: 2 IN 1 4D 

Input voltage: AC110V - 220V        

Output voltage: 10-200W

Fuse: 5A

Size of Air box: 31×44×50cm

Weight: 11.2kg(Don’t include the base)

Base size: 73×51×17cm

Base weight: 10kg

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