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HDLPM018- Lipo Vertical

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Liposonic uses noninvasive focused ultrasound, treating at 1.3 cm of subcutaneous, disturbing subcutaneous fat hot cells, using heat to permanently destroy subcutaneous fat. While reducing the number of fat, stimulating collagen shrink and thicken.

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Working Princple

Liposonic uses noninvasive focused ultrasound, treating at 1.3 cm of subcutaneous, disturbing subcutaneous fat hot cells, using heat to permanently destroy subcutaneous fat. While reducing the number of fat, stimulating collagen shrink and thicken, quickly filling the void after the ablation of fat, making the skin smooth, moist and firm. It is a kind of mechanism through highintensity sound waves transforming into thermal energy, whose energy can be used to destroy subcutaneous fat cells, and the thermal energy can create double tissue reaction:

1. Disturb subcutaneous fat tissue cells, destroying and remove subcutaneous fat tissue;

2. Stimulate collagen of subcutaneous tissue to shrink and proliferate, making the skin of treated area more compact;

3. By double tissue reaction, precisely aiming at the area that need to improve. You do not need surgery, only in noninvasive way to remove extra fat to achieve body sculpting firming effect.


1. Body thinner, skin tightening.

2. Fat reduction.

3. Body slimming, body shaping.

4. To promote and accelerate the body s metabolism.


1. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to destroy fat permanently, reducing the number of fat cells.

2. Intelligently scan the system, locking 1.3 cm subcutaneous fat, not causing any hurt to the epidermi.

3. Noninvasive is safer. Liposonic is is through high intensity and focused type of ultrasound to produce the heat and melt the fat without surgery, which is very safe.

4. Reducing fat directly, no rebound. Liposonic can destroy the subcutaneous fat and directly reduce the number of fat without rebound.

5. Proliferate collagen, more campact. While decomposing the fat, liposonic stimulate collagen regeneration to fill the vacancy of subcutaneous fat, making the skin after the treatment smooth and elastic.

6. No convalescence, more relaxing. Liposonic is a kind of noninvasive lipolysis machine, no injection and surgery, not affecting normal life and work, going with the rule. And you don’t need to wear girly after the treatment.


Power line*1

Cartridges*2 (1.3cm, 0.8cm)

Test tool*5

Treatment probe*1


Treatment procedure

The treatment of the abdomen and flanks takes approximately 1 hour. After the treatment area is marked, the treatment grid is applied and numbered. The handpiece is placed over the first site and treatment begins. This is repeated until every site has been treated with the appropriate energy.

Before, During and After Treatment

• Average treatment time for abdomen and flanks is about one hour

• Office visit time may vary

• Sensations

During treatment: discomfort, pain, cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth

After treatment: pain (discomfort), redness, and swelling, bruising later, generally rated mild


>90% patients respond to only one treatment

Results start after a couple of weeks – final result not

until 2-3 months

Average reduction 2.6cms (1 inch) after 1 treatment

Harder to put on fat in the area of treatment

Can have another treatment after 3 months if desired

Technical Parameters

Energy 30-75J/CM2

Frequency 4MHz

Cartridge DS4-8.0, DS4-13.0@500 shoots

Single shot total points 576 points

Single shot area 46mm*46mm

Screen 10.4 inch true color touch screen

Input power AC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz

Weight 25kg

Machine size 65cm*71cm*124cm

G/ W 8 KG

Beauty Equipment Voltage AC100V-120V/200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz


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